Occupod Action!

(thin build)

Build instructions will be posted here for a sidewalk friendly Occupod.

Tools Needed: Hammer, Pry Bar, Jigsaw, Drill, Tape Measure, 1/8" Drill Bit, Phillips Drill Bit, Extension Cord, Marker

Materials Needed: 1/2" Flat Top Screws, 2.5" Deck Screws, 4 Hinges, 1 Latch, 42" x 42" Pallet, 8' x 4' x 1/8" Wood Top Sheet, 2" x 1" x 12' Wood Sticks x4, Flat Sidewall Wood, Tarp, 2 Front Swivel Wheels, 2 Rear Solid Rubber Wheels, Axle, Paint

1: Using the Pry Bar: Hammer out the nails holding one side of the pallet. Save the nails and the wood.

2: Using the Tape Measure: Mark out 32" from the unmodified side.

3: Using the Jigsaw: Saw at the 32" line on both sides of the pallet. Remove nails to reuse.

4: Using the Hammer: Pound back in the wood that was removed at the start.

5: Do this a few more times or find 42"x32" pallets.