Old Build Instructions

This older method of building skips thinning down the pallet to 32".

Thinning down the pallet is necessary to be able to fit and use the Occupod on a sidewalk properly.

This older method also uses a cross support beam which was replaced with L (shelf) brackets and it is missing the roof support beam in front.

Tools Needed:

Jigsaw Power ToolDrill Power ToolTape Measure1/8" Drill BitPhillips BitExtension CordBlack Marker

Materials Needed:

1/2" Flat Top Screws2.5" Deck Screws4 Hinges2 Latches42" x 42" Pallet8' x 4' x 1/8" Wood Top Sheet2" x 1" x 12' Wood Sticks x4Flat Sidewall WoodTarp2 Front Swivel Wheels2 Rear Solid Rubber WheelsAxlePaint Exterior Black & White

1: Using the Jig Saw:

The first two cuts of 2"x1"x12' will be 44" long. Measure and cut these two vertical support beam sections.


Cut the remaining left over 2"x1" section in half. These two halves will be used as front support beams. One end should be cut at 45 degree angle to account for slope of top sheet.


Grab a second 2"x1"x12' and cut off 42". This cut section is the top support beam.


Cut off another 57" , this cut section is cross support beam.


Using the drill: Pre-drill holes in both 44" verticle support sections to be mounted to the pallet.


Screw pre-drilled 44" section into pallet two planks from the end. Use 2.5" screws and screw the 44" pre-drilled wood straight up into pallet on both sides.


Now pre-drill holes in center of both ends of 42" top support as well as pre-drill the verticle support. Finally screw top support into place.


Put the 57" cross support in place and then pre-drill and screw into place on both top and bottom using one 2.5" screw.


Grab a heavy brick and place at far end of pallet to hold top sheet in place.


Put top sheet into place and screw into the bottom using short flat headed screws to hold it in place


Push on top to create a round shape and screw into top 2"x1" using small flat headed screws.


Pre-drill front support wood and screw into place.


Using the Jig Saw: Grab a third 2"x1"x12' and cut off two 54" sections. These will be the back support beams.


Using the Drill: Pre-drill the back support beams and screw into place at 45 degree angle using three 2.5" screws.


You can the use first mounted side to line up the second side. Always pre-drill your screw holes.


Place longer of the left over 2"x1" scrap on top of the back support beams, this will be the handle. Pre-drill and screw into place using 2.5" screw. Do not use the handle, it is very weak at this point!


Using the Jig Saw: Grab a fourth 2"x1"x12' and cut 43.5". This section is the back horizontal beam.


Using the Drill: Pre-drill 1/2" from the edge of the back horizontal beam and screw into place about 6" lower than handle.


Screw in top sheet to back horizontal beam using about 5 short flat screws.


Using the Jig Saw: Cut floor out of flat wood, make sure to cut a square out for cross beam so floor fits correctly! Then screw into place.


Using a Marker: Trace out sidewall on large flat wood.


Continue tracing out sidewall on inside going along back support beam.


Using the Jig Saw: Cut out about 1/2" on inside of trace. Put sidewall into place and screw into all three beams, top and bottom, using the 1/2" screws


Using a Marker: Trace out sidewall section to right of the door. This is a triangle shape. Trace to the outside of the back support beam and verticle support beam. When this is done, cut using Jig Saw and screw along both beams.


Trace out sidewall section to left of door. Cut out and mount using 1/2" screws. This cut determines the width of the door.


Grab flat wood to work as a door. Elevate slightly and trace curve of top sheet, overlap sidewall two inches. Cut and mount onto the verticle support beam using two hinges.


Install basic latching handle on door. This certainly can be improved!


Measure height and width of hatch door. This measurement should come to about 42" tall and 41" wide. Hatch should be between back support beams and against back horizontal beam but under top sheet accounting for hinge displacement. A second cut may be necessary.


Cut out a leg or two for the hatch and mount them.


Using two hinges, screw hatch into place.


Install a latch to hold the hinge up!


Install wheels on an axle. The axle should be about 49" wide.


Lift the Occupod up. This is a heavy task.


Install axle onto the Occupod.


Install front castor swivel wheels.


Cut out a tarp section. All sides are about 48" and height is about 44".


Install tarp under ridges and screw using small flat headed screws along seams.


Keep tacking the tarp in!


Caulk with silicone around edges and screw heads.


Caulk on all top seams except door jam.


Cut a hole to serve as a window, caulk and cover with plexiglass.


Paint to waterproof and deliver!